Yes Is Our Preferred Answer

At Xuper, we aren’t afraid of a challenge. No matter what task a customer challenges us with, we pride ourselves on saying yes and finding the best possible solution to your problem. Whether it’s a support request, getting an expert onsite or supplying you the parts you need, all when you need them.

We Always Get The Job Done

Whilst it’s rare we’re faced with an IT problem we haven’t solved before, occasionally an unexpected issue may come along that requires more effort and dedication. With Xuper, you can be confident we’ll never leave a job unfinished, no matter the challenge we’ll find a solution.

Mutual Respect

Over time Xuper has grown to provide IT and communication solutions all across the world. This has resulted in us working with a wide range of organisations and cultures. We will always respect our customers and partners and in return we expect our staff to be respected.

Principles & Culture

Our principles and culture have naturally developed throughout the 35+ years we’ve been in business. They’ve been established to make sure we continually meet or exceed our customers’ expectations and ensure working with us is as easy and enjoyable as possible. In order to maintain them we require people to be extremely dedicated to join our team, as we pride ourselves on retaining the culture we’ve instilled whilst supporting our customers over the years.

Xuper’s Half Yearly Meeting

What we do

We develop, deliver and maintain innovative IT and unified communication solutions that enhance how people learn, teach, govern, deliver healthcare and do business around the world. In a constantly evolving industry, our services are forever adapting to suit our customers’ requirements. Making sure that the most up to date and efficient solution for your organisation is in place at all times.

We’ve supported organisations at every stage of an IT solutions life span, from developing customers initial deployment, to decommissioning entire suites of hardware. We will become an integral part of your IT team, consistently exceeding your expectations.

Technology & Innovation

Working within the ever changing IT industry, we’re consistently aiming to develop solutions to make it as easy as possible for our customers to work and develop their business. In order to do this, we have our own development team building new systems and software to either assist our staff in supporting our customers or for our customers to use themselves.

Data Storage Solutions

Global Presence

We provide IT and unified communication services all across the globe, over time growing to have offices in 5 countries and working with organisations across 6 continents. This has enabled us to develop an extensive knowledge of the relevant laws, regulations and unique challenges of operating in various countries.

Having such a large coverage and vast experience enables us to provide our customers with tailored solutions for all of their offices, around the world. Additionally, we ideally positioned to assist organisations with international migration and IMACD projects.

Latest News

Xuper win Excellence in Innovation Award!

Xuper win Excellence in Innovation Award!

Xuper are delighted to announce we won the Excellence in Innovation Award at the 2019 Derby Telegraph Business Awards! Everyone at Xuper is very excited to have won the Excellence in Innovation award at the 2019 Derby Telegraph Business Awards! Our team had a great...

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Windows 7 End of Life

Windows 7 End of Life

Microsoft will be officially ending extended support for Windows 7 on January 14th 2020. This means Microsoft will no longer update or support the operating system after that date. Windows 7 was originally released back in July 2009 and is still very popular, meaning...

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Telehealth Potential Barriers & Considerations

Telehealth Potential Barriers & Considerations

Potential barriers to telehealth While telehealth is becoming more common and accepted, there are still some potential barriers to its widespread adoption. As telehealth technology advances, the solutions are becoming much more diverse and affordable. However, many...

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