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Benefits of Video Conferencing for SME’s

No matter what market an organisation works within, reliable communication solutions are vital for any business to operate and allow their employees to effectively communicate with customers, colleagues and partners. With video conferencing, the ability to do this has never been greater.

Why waste time and money travelling to and from meetings, when you can conduct them over video without having to leave your office? By utilising video conferencing solutions you can save time and money whilst also boosting your productivity and availability.  With flexible, remote, and BYOD schemes also becoming increasingly popular, utilising video conferencing solutions will enable your staff to communicate from wherever they are, over any device.

Benefits of Video Conferencing for SME’s

  • Save time and money travelling by conducting meetings over video from your office.
  • Connect with colleagues, clients and partners over any device, from wherever you are.
  • Video conferencing is one of the most effective alternatives to meeting in person. All you need is an internet connection, a device with a camera and an email address, then you can connect with people all over the world.
  • You can improve your work from home and BYOD schemes as well as promote a more flexible working environment. According to Syncomtech, 94% of people said they felt freer while working because they can operate from anywhere.
  • Video conferencing has the ability to share your screen, documents, and present to each other during a call, allowing you to share results, knowledge, discuss treatment plans etc. as easily as you could in person.
  • We have various encryption methods and role based authentication to keep your meetings as secure as possible. This is backed by our various security accreditations including ISO 27001
  • With our solutions you can integrate with any standards based video conferencing system and Skype for Business, schedule a call with up to 20 contacts at the click of a button, along with HD audio and video which will leave you wondering why you didn’t try video conferencing sooner.


We have various encryption methods and role based authentication to keep your meetings as secure as possible. With our ISO 27001, ISO 9001 and various other security measures you can give yourself the reassurance you need.

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