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Client: Bridon International

Project: Deployment of Video Conferencing equipment in all global offices.

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Bridon International is a global technology leader in the manufacture of steel wire and fibre rope solutions for the most challenging applications. Bridon has greatly improved its overseas communications and saved man hours and flight costs with an increase in the use of video conferencing.


While its global HQ is based in Doncaster, UK, Bridon is an organisation with global reach. It’s overseas offices reside in territories all around the world, including Singapore, China, Germany, Indonesia and the USA. Worldwide communications have never been easier than in the 21st century, and Bridon is continuing to test the effectiveness of technology with the facilitation of video conferencing. Intrigued by the prospect of video conferencing, Bridon arranged a demonstration of the services that were offered by Xuper. The team were immediately impressed by the simple, high-quality video conferencing solutions available.

Bridon’s first meeting room class system was installed in 2009 along with a dedicated IP line, ensuring that the clarity and immersive quality, which had impressed the company during the demonstration, continued following the sale. With on-going support and advice from Xuper, the first system delivered a significant ROI for Bridon very quickly. With such success in its first office, Bridon was motivated to continue to deploy further systems to meet the demands of its business. Currently, Bridon boasts systems in all of its international offices, with Xuper supplying four systems in the UK alone – two in its head office in Doncaster, one in its Newcastle office and another in its state of the art facility at Neptune Quay.

There was little doubt that this technology would fast become a popular meeting tool, and in working with Xuper who managed everything end to end, Bridon was able to grow its video conferencing estate with confidence.


Xuper’s expertise was particularly utilised as the growth of video conferencing in the UK was echoed in their locations overseas, where Bridon’s worldwide offices were already embracing the new technology. With guidance and testing facilities supported exclusively by Xuper’s service desk team, linking to systems supplied by a range of companies in a multitude of countries was made easy. Currently the majority of calls passing through Bridon’s video conferencing systems are to Germany, Singapore and the USA. With the cost of just one flight to North America averaging at £1000, Bridon’s everyday usage brings dividends beyond the financial prospects within the company.


Bridon continues to work with Xuper to innovate the way in which it communicates. Most recently a software client was recommended and is currently being trialed on iPads for a number of staff in Bridon. With video conferencing proving to be so easy and essential in a meeting environment, the software allows Bridon to bring ‘Travel Free Meetings’ to both executive desktops and staff on the move; an indispensable necessity for an ever growing business.

Almost all of Bridon’s video meetings are to its international offices, and having the video conferencing facility deployed across the organisation has had massive impact. With an average flight to USA costing £1000, video conferencing has saved Bridon both money and hours of executive’s time otherwise spent in the air and at hotels. Bridon has been able to use video as a tool to improve communications through the platform that has encouraged collaboration and improved communication, even when divided by oceans. Problems can be dealt with face to face and decisions can be made quickly, resulting in improved efficiency– something vital in keeping at the top of the industry.

Customer Quote

“Xuper’s’s systems excited us from the moment the demonstration started. The Xuper units have given us a real and tangible commercial advantage. We’ve seen costs fall since day one. We know who we can depend on to provide our communications systems if we’re opening a new office, whether it’s overseas or at home in the UK.”

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