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Client: International Food Manufacturer

Project: Software Migration

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Food and Beverage Company Worldwide
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$1bn+ brands based on retail and food service sales


The client required over 4,500 desktop units to be migrated from Windows 7 to Windows 10 across 28 countries, throughout Europe, APAC and the Americas. They had established that their organisation would benefit enormously from the increase in speed and wanted to improve their own software security, following the recent publicity around security breaches and cyber attacks. 


With such an expansive estate of offices and large number of employees, they were unable to manage and conduct the project internally. Instead, they looked for a specialist supplier with experience conducting similar projects.


Xuper were identified as the chosen supplier due to their vast coverage and previous experience in cross country and continent migrations. In addition to this, Xuper have a long and successful working relationship with the channel provider who the end user was in contact with.Initially, Xuper devised a migration strategy with the client, including the relevant timescales to establish when each location and team would be migrated. Following sign off of the strategy, a communication was sent to all of the client’s employees to make them aware of the migration and supply them with the relevant contacts details should they have any questions.


The migration took place over night, with each individual end-user profile being transferred to reduce disruption and give users instant access to everything they had before, including file, mail and server access rights. During the day, the client was supplied with level 2 onsite support engineers to deliver technical support for the users upgraded and ensure all employees could access everything they had been able to prior to the migration. 

Following the final user being migrated, Xuper supplied support engineers for a further week throughout the working day, to ensure all employees where completely comfortable with their new operating system. The client has now been working on Windows 10 for the past few years and is already realising the benefits of doing so.


Customer Quote

“As we work from numerous locations around the world, we needed a service that was as flexible and versatile as Polypipe is. Being able to connect to absolutely anyone and host meetings with other locations, contractors, customers and suppliers is invaluable, and we’re very proud to say that The Meeting Platform has made this happen for us.” 

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