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Bob Coscia, Xuper US CRO pictured with Peter Grogan, CEO of Xuper Limited.

Bob Coscia

“Having worked very successfully as a Partner with Xuper for many years and seen first-hand the range and quality of their service I am excited to be heading up the new US office.  Xuper always did a superior job in communicating with their US partners/customers from their offices in the UK, but now that will be further enhanced by having a US presence. I’m looking forward to introducing new US partners to the breadth and quality we have to offer.” – Bob Coscia.

Our Xuper US office was established in 2020 and is headed by IT services industry expert, CRO of Xuper US, Bob Coscia. Our expansion to North America arose from the desire to further improve communication with US partners and customers and to expand our reach across North America. The expansion has hugely enhanced our work in the Americas. To find out more about Xuper US or to speak with a member of the Xuper US team, fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you right away.

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