Xuper are finalists at the Derby Telegraph Awards!

Xuper are delighted to announce we are finalists in the Excellence In Innovation category at the Derby Telegraph Business Awards! 

Everyone at Xuper is very excited to have been shortlisted for the Excellence in Innovation award! The team have been working hard over recent months merging with our sister company, Questmark and working on the development of 2 new platforms; Visconn, our unified communications and collaboration platform and Visconn Clinic, our teleconsultation platform. 

We’ve been helping transform the delivery of healthcare through video solutions for years, an example being our success with the Children’s Heartbeat Trust and Clark Clinic at the Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children. Our video conferencing solutions enabled early diagnosis, and provide major assistance in the post-operative care and monitoring of babies with major congenital heart conditions. We’ve also been working alongside all the Northern Ireland Health & Social Care Trusts, enabling them to communicate with each other and allow patients to attend appointments via video. 

With Visconn, healthcare professionals can better connect with each other (anywhere in the world), attend cross-site Trust and MDT meetings, and increase access to medical training. All of this could massively speed up the diagnosis process and enable healthcare professionals and the industry to work even more effectively and efficiently. 

Visconn Clinic is our simple to use, secure platform designed to connect clinicians with patients quickly and easily via video, over any device, wherever they are. Visconn Clinic can transform access to healthcare, allowing patients to save time travelling to and from appointments and attend them over video instead. 

You can discover more about Visconn and Visconn Clinic here.