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Feature Friday #3 – Dan Orton

Feature Friday

Every Friday we post a ‘Feature Friday’ where we ask a few questions to a member of our team. We hope that they give you a bit of an insight into the people who make Xuper tick. Some of their answers may be surprising, others may be a bit embarrassing, but they’re individual to them.

This week’s feature is:

Dan Orton!

Dan Orton

How long have you worked at Xuper?

4 years 2 months

Favourite thing about working within IT?

I really enjoy working with business owners helping to make sure they have the best possible systems and security in place. The relationship with the clients isn’t just about IT it’s a business strategy as well as a partnership.

What does your typical work day consist of?

I head up the client services team which is made up of sales, Account management. A typical day consists of a power 15in Paradise which is a short meeting in one of our themed break out areas to discuss what everyone has planned for the day and to discuss all the projects each client manager has. I still have a few clients I look after myself so I go and see them often to discuss various new products and services we have to offer but also advise on other areas of the business.

When did you develop an interest in IT?

After working in Digital marketing for many years I wanted to get more involved in IT systems, Cloud but especially security. Businesses really depend on their systems to work and be secure and this will only continue to grow with GDPR happening on May 25th.

When did you get your first computer?

When I was 5 years (1982) old-Dragon 32 with Microsoft Extended Basic 32KB.  I then had a different one each year after.

What hobbies do you have?

I love walking, Watching movies and keeping a close eye on the real ale trail.

What is your favourite film/tv show?

Film – Wargames. TV Show-  A place in the sun.

Favourite band/artist/song?

The Killers-  Mr Brightside

If you were stuck on a desert island, who would you want to be stuck with and why?

I don’t really want to answer this one as I might end up single.

Tell us your best joke….

Can a Kangaroo jump higher than a house? Of course a house doesn’t jump at all.