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Feature Friday #2 – Gavin Hitchmough

Feature Friday

Every Friday we post a ‘Feature Friday’ where we ask a few questions to a member of our team. We hope that they give you a bit of an insight into the people who make Xuper tick. Some of their answers may be surprising, others may be a bit embarrassing, but they’re individual to them.

This week’s feature is:

Gavin Hitchmough!

Gavin hitchmough

How long have you worked at Xuper?

Longer than some of the apprentices have been alive. It’ll be 20 years at the end of June. I started off as a trainee developer before getting the opportunity to move into systems.

Favourite thing about working within IT?

The variety of technology I get to work with and the odd trip abroad I’ve had the privilege of making for some high end clients

What does your typical work day consist of?

I normally get to the office around 7.30 to get an early start and chance to catch up on things that came through overnight.  Other than that each day is generally different. I contribute to different area’s within the company so could be helping with quotes for sales, issues that clients have on support, project plans for post sales and deliveries for Audio Visual solutions. There is no guarantee I’ll be in the office either as I could be at a consultancy meeting or site delivery.

When did you develop an interest in IT?

When I was at college. Prior to that I’d never really used a computer.

When did you get your first computer?

I didn’t get a computer at home until I decided I wanted to work towards getting Microsoft Certifications which was around 2007.

What hobbies do you have?

Football, NFL and drinking ale. I have a season ticket for Forest so obviously like putting myself through pain right now.

What is your favourite film/TV show?

I do like my documentary shows on discovery channel. Films I like action / comedy. I’ll watch any of the American Pie films over again and like the Fast and Furious films too. Don’t really go to the cinema that often to watch new films.

Favourite band/artist/song?

Stereophonics, queen and pink amongst many others I’d listen too. Wouldn’t say I spend a whole lot of time listening to music unless I’m in the car.

If you were stuck on a deserted island, who would you want to be stuck with and why?

Jennifer Lawrence, was quite handy with a bow and arrow in Hunger Games.