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Feature Friday #15 – Josh Price

Feature Friday

Every Friday we post a ‘Feature Friday’ where we ask a few questions to a member of our team. We hope that they give you a bit of an insight into the people who make Xuper tick. Some of their answers may be surprising, others may be a bit embarrassing, but they’re individual to them.

This week’s feature is:

Josh Price

Josh Price

How long have you worked at Xuper?

I started working here at Xuper at the start of the year, so almost five months

Favourite thing about working within Design?

I really enjoy the range of work I can be working on. One minute I can be designing an Ad in the Derby telegraph for hundreds of people to see, to then designing website banners that thousands of people will see

What does your typical working week consist of?

As mentioned earlier, I work on a massive range of work so my day to day is never the same. Only thing I can guarantee is giving Matt a lot of stick.

 When did you develop an interest in IT?

I developed an interest in Graphic Design at school where we were told to create posters. I spent all my time on creating fancy titles and drawings, never any of the actual information

 When did you get your first computer?

I can’t actually remember what computer it was, I just remember getting cut off the internet whenever someone was using the phone

 What hobbies do you have?

My hobbies include football, socialising and designing of course

 What is your favourite film/TV show?

My favourite film has to be The Wolf of Wall Street and my favourite TV show is Rick and Morty

 Favourite band/artist/song?

My favourite band is The Courteeners

If you were stuck on a deserted island, who would you want to be stuck with and why?

Emily Ratajkowski because I hear she is really smart

Tell us your best joke….

What do you call a wizards dog?

A Labracadabrador