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Feature Friday – Natasha Kirkman

Feature Friday

Every Friday we post a ‘Feature Friday’ where we ask a few questions to a member of our team. We hope that they give you a bit of an insight into the people who make Xuper tick. Some of their answers may be surprising, others may be a bit embarrassing, but they’re individual to them.

This week’s feature is:

Natasha kirkman

Natasha Kirkman

How long have you worked at Xuper?

Since November 2017

Favourite thing about working within Accounts?

I like the routine of having my day/week/month planned out.. for the most part!

What does your typical working day consist of?  

Bank reconciliations, cash flow, purchase/sales ledger and doing the day to day work for the management accounts at month end.

When did you develop an interest in Accounts?

I was at school and Connexions came round to do a job questionnaire with us all, help us decide what job we’d like to do. My results were either accountant or teacher, and there was no way I could deal with that many children – accounts it ended up as!

When did you get your first computer?

We had a family computer in 2001 that was running Windows 98. Back when internet was dial up, I used to spend my time playing Solitaire and Pinball on it.

What hobbies do you have?

I like reading, walking and generally anything active!

What is your favourite film/TV show?

TV show: Charmed. Film: Robin Hood Prince of Thieves

Favourite band/artist/song?

Favourite band would be a toss up between Alter Bridge and Shinedown. Favourite song is probably Who Wants to Live Forever, by Queen

If you were stuck on a deserted island, who would you want to be stuck with and why?

Tom Hanks.. he seemed to do alright for himself in Castaway.

Tell us your best joke….

Because I’m part of the accounts team I’ll tell you an accounts joke. (It’s not funny, please don’t lynch me!):

What did the overworked asset say to the other asset?

…I feel so under-depreciated