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Feature Friday #5 – Sarah Bancroft

Feature Friday

Every Friday we post a ‘Feature Friday’ where we ask a few questions to a member of our team. We hope that they give you a bit of an insight into the people who make Xuper tick. Some of their answers may be surprising, others may be a bit embarrassing, but they’re individual to them.

This week’s feature is:

sarah bancroft!

sarah bancroft

How long have you worked at Xuper?

I have been here since September 2017

Favourite thing about working within Recruitment ?

I love loads of things about recruitment really but since becoming an internal recruiter I really enjoy it when we get new guys in the team. They go from really nervous to really comfortable in a matter of days.

What does your typical work day consist of?

Well coffee is key so that’s the first thing I do then check my lipstick obviously lol… I  don’t think I have typical day really as I don’t just do recruitment but help out with HR as well but most of the time I am running around.

When did you develop an interest in Recruitment ?

I got offered a job at one of my old companies to help out with sales recruitment, even though I had no recruitment experience I can talk loads and loads so it was easy for me to ring everyone and I actually did alright, since then I haven’t looked back and went straight into IT recruitment and the rest is history.

What hobbies do you have?

socialising with friends (usually involves prosecco).

What is your favourite film/tv show?

Don’t really do tv shows but I love the film Les Misérables….proper girly film and I get to sing along, who wouldn’t love that.

Favourite band/artist/song?


If you were stuck on a desert island, who would you want to be stuck with and why?

W Maybe Channing Tatum or Taron Egerton or Ryan Gosling…

Tell us your best joke…. 

Matt Holton!!!!