Onsite & Offsite Support

When your customer is faced with a problem, you want that issue solved as quickly as possible.

Xuper’s dedicated UK (Derby) based support team are on hand 24x7x365, so whenever your customers have a problem, our dedicated team are ready assist and resolve any issues as quickly as possible.

Xuper will become your customers’ personal, outsourced IT support, providing them with onsite and offsite support (via email, phone and tickets). Whether they have a simple troubleshooting question or require complicated onsite services, our team are ready to meet their needs.

Xuper - S - Call Support

Not only do we have our UK helpdesk…

Xuper also has certified level 1-3 backline support and a range of Global support partners, ensuring your customers can access the support they need, wherever they are and in their preferred language.

Our comprehensive onsite support services ensure your customers can get the support they require onsite, without the costs of employing full-time IT staff. Neither you or your customers have to worry about finding the best people for the job, as the Xuper team have you covered.

Why Xuper?

Xuper - S - Tablet and Server

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