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Firewall Port Details (The Meeting Platform)

The Meeting Platform is a Cloud-based meeting service that is as portable as you want it to be. A simple, easy-to-use solution for your everyday meetings, enhancing communication, collaboration and cutting down decision making along with boosting productivity across the board.

The following ports must be opened to ensure a connection can be made into The Meeting Platform;

  • 80/TCP – HTTPS
  • 443/TCP – Secure WebRTC
  • 443/TCP – Secure RTMP
  • 5060/TCP – SIP
  • 5061/TCP – SIP Secure (TLS)
  • 1719/UDP – H.323 RAS Signalling
  • 1720/TCP – H.323 H225 Signalling
  • 33000-39999/TCP – H.323 Q.931/H.245 Signalling
  • 40000-49999/UDP – Media (RTP/RTCP)
  • 40000-49999/TCP – Media (RDP)

With a destination of uk.themeetingplatform.com,  cloud.themeetingplatform.com

Note: If you require our IP information rather than our FQDNs, please submit a request below.

If inbound traffic from us requires independent configuration the following is required to be open from a source of uk.themeetingplatform.com cloud.themeetingplatform.com;

  • 443/TCP – HTTPS
  • 8057/TCP – TLS
  • 1719/TCP+UDP – H323 RAS signalling
  • 1720/TCP – H323 RAS signalling
  • 5060/TCP+UDP – SIP
  • 5061/TCP – SIP Secure (TLS)
  • TCP – H323 Q.931/H.245 signalling
  • TCP+UDP – Media (RTP / RTCP / RDP / DTLS / RTMP / STUN / TURN)

If your devices are behind a NAT you may need to open the below

  • 3478 UDP to
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