We are an approved supplier on numerous frameworks, ensuring maximum value for the purchase of IT and unified communication products and services.

Countess of Chester

  • Lot 1 – Video Conferencing Solutions (generic solution for all public sector).


  • Lot 2 – Telemedicine and teleconsultation solutions (specifically designed for health services but may be used by other public sector organisations).


This agreement allows UK public sector bodies to choose and purchase cloud computing services covering infrastructure, platform, software and specialist cloud services.

Network Services 2

Telecommunications services including networks for the entire public sector, their associated bodies and agencies, the voluntary sector and charities.


  • Lot 8: Video conferencing services
  • Lot 9: Audio conferencing services
  • Lot 10: Unified communications

Tech Products 2

Technology Products 2 (TP2) offers public sector customers a flexible and compliant way to source all their technology product needs (Hardware and Software).

Lot 6 – Catalogue

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