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Server Maintenance

Servers are designed to remain operational 24 hours a day to ensure the vital services they provide are constantly available. Failing servers could have a devastating impact on your business, with potentially hours of downtime and a huge loss of productivity.

Our multi-vendor server support team are available to assist you in getting more out of your assets. With expertise in Windows Server, Unix and Oracle Linux OS as well as x86 and Sparc64 architectures, you can count on our support to keep your server equipment up and running. We will assist you in reaching the freedom of post-warranty support, enabling you to allocate a larger budget to more critical initiatives.

With tailored solutions available to suit every organisations requirement’s, you can be sure we can devise a package to meet your needs. Ultimately aiming to reduce downtime, increase your systems efficiency and reduce your support costs at the same time.

Benefit from:

  • Reduced or eradicated downtime with our experts monitoring and supporting your systems at all times.
  • Increased productivity by minimising any system downtime.
  • Increased confidence in your support team with the ability to escalate any issues to site when needed.

Storage Maintenance

Your systems uptime is always our priority. This is why we tailor a solution to suit your unique requirements, with flexible service level agreements, as well as a service desk available 24/7.

Our experienced engineers will monitor your system, predicting any hardware failures and acting to make sure they don’t affect your organisation, whilst also ensuring you have the most efficient solution in place at all times.

Benefit from:

  • Extending the life of your IT equipment beyond the OEM warranty coverage.
  • Access to knowledgeable, flexible and friendly experts.
  • Maximising your ROI by reducing both operation and capital expenditures.

All our customers benefit from our Global support network

Over 100 countries served, 250,000+ available parts, tailored SLA’s to suit you

Although our solutions are always tailored to each individual client, they all benefit from having one point of contact for all their requirements. All of the client’s premises are covered by one contract, in one currency. Keeping the whole agreement simple and easy to use.

Vendors we support

Oracle, EMC, Cisco, HPE, Hitachi, IBM, DELL, Lenovo

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