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Solicitors can spend hours visiting clients and often this requires signing in and out of prisons. It’s vital solicitors have an IT and communications solution in place that is secure and allows them to connect with clients as efficiently as possible.

We understand that solicitors hold a lot of sensitive data that needs to be backed up and kept as secure as possible. A data breach could have a devastating impact on clients and the company. We provide organisations with a range of security solutions including but not limited to:

Managed security services, firewall services, incident response, penetration testing, secure systems engineering, system test and evaluations, risk and vulnerability assessments, security improvements plans, compliance checks, insider threat analysis and security audits.

It’s also vital this data is regularly backed up to prevent permanent loss of information should a disaster strike such as; ransomware attack, viruses, human error, hard drive damage, natural disasters etc.

By having a tailored IT solution in place, solicitors can enhance how they work, with cloud solutions enabling them to access their work from anywhere over any device, whether they’re travelling, in the office, or even working from home.

Unified Communications

Within the legal sector, time is critical and every minute must be maximised. By utilising video conferencing/ unified communication solutions, solicitors can dramatically increase efficient and see up to twice as many clients each day. Benefits include:

  • Our unified communication solutions integrate with all major platforms, including Skype for Business.
  • Connect with clients all over the country, or even overseas.
  • For solicitors visiting clients in prisons, the signing in and out process can be arduous, particularly combined with the travelling itself. Save time and money by meeting with these clients over video instead.
  • Record your meetings in HD so you can watch them back.
  • Simple to use interface and 1080p HD video and audio.
  • Finding time to hold meetings with colleagues or take part in training sessions can be challenge. Video allows you to attend meetings remotely, so whether you’re in the office, on the road or at home, you’re always connected.
  • UK based help desk are on hand to help with any questions or issues you might be facing.

At Xuper, we also make security a priority which is why we have various encryption methods, role based authentication and various other security measures that keep your meetings as secure as possible. This is backed by our ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 accreditations.

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