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Reducing overheads and in turn maximising funding is always an aim for not-for-profit organisations. This has led to multiple businesses outsourcing their IT in order to massively save on costs. An in-house IT team can be very expensive due to hiring fees, company benefits and keeping their skills up to date. By outsourcing, you have experts on hand 24 x 7 x 365 for a fixed price. This is vital to not-for-profit companies as any downtime, security issues, loss of data etc. could have devastating effects upon the business.

Your IT solution or support package is also tailored to meet your organisations specific requirements, meaning you’ll never be paying for technology you don’t need and doesn’t benefit you.

Communication solutions also massively benefit not-for-profit businesses. By deploying video conferencing/unified communication solutions, you can cut out travel costs and increase staff’s efficiency by improving communication methods internally and externally.

Unified Communications

Unified communications allow you to hold a meeting quickly and easily over all major devices (PC, Mac, tablet, mobile) with participants from even the most remote areas of the world. Other benefits include:

  • Save on travel costs by conducting your meetings over video, from wherever you are.
  • Be more environmentally friendly by cutting down on fuel and energy.
  • Share your screen, documents, notes and present to each other.
  • HD video and audio and the ability to record your meetings in HD and watch them back.
  • Improve your flexible and remote working schemes – staff can hold meetings from anywhere over any device.
  • Simple to use interface.
  • Experienced help desk available so you have someone on hand should any issues arise.

At Xuper, we also make security a priority which is why we have various encryption methods, role based authentication and various other security measures that keep your meetings as secure as possible. This is backed by our ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 accreditations.

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