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Outsourcing Network Maintenance

No matter how well the technology has been designed and implemented, things can go wrong and support is required. When this occurs, it’s vital to have experts available who can solve the issue as quickly as possible to reduce any downtime and loss of productivity.  We have engineers who are experts in networks and can help you maintain the performance of your infrastructure. Whether you require day-to-day or break-fix support, we’ll be on hand to help keep your network running at its best.

As businesses grow and technology advances, setting up and maintaining your network can get very complex, and if you haven’t got in-house experts available, any problems that occur could result in hours of downtime. With big changes to data protection and more personal information being stored on our devices (PC’s, tablets, phones) than ever, it’s vital your network is as secure as possible.

Benefits of Network Maintenance with Xuper

  • Decreasing your maintenance costs for critical equipment
  • Access to experts
  • Post warranty support, without any additional fees
  • Quicker responses and quicker uptime for network issues
  • 24x7x365 monitoring and technical help-desk available with engineers to site available when required
  • Keep the agreement easy to manage with one contract, one point of contact and one currency
  • Tailored SLA’s to suit you
  • Solutions tailored to suit you
  • Enhanced security
  • Better recovery solution


Utilising our experienced network support team enables the solution you’ve worked hard to put in place to function to its full capabilities. Our experts will monitor your networking and SAN solutions to identify any problems before they arise. This enables us to act quickly and maintain your systems uptime, as well as assess whether any upgrades may be beneficial.

With our ability to tailor a solution to suit your individual requirements, you can be sure to only pay for what you require. No longer having to pay for support on assets that no longer require expensive manufacturer coverage.

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