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Benefits of outsourcing your IT support

The majority of businesses rely heavily on technology and IT to efficiently function day to day. That why it’s vital to have the most effective IT solution in place to suit your business and manage your Infrastructure, security, network and ongoing support.

Outsourcing your IT support has an array of benefits including: saving money, IT solutions tailored to suit your business, reduced downtime, competitive advantages and more. According to a study by PA Consulting in 2017, the outsourced IT market is expected to continue to grow throughout 2018 with 35% of clients planning to outsource more.

5 Benefits of outsourcing your IT

Control Costs

Hiring full time in-house IT experts can be very expensive. You have recruitment costs, salary, company benefits and further training/qualifications to keep up with changes in technology. You also need to take into account experience and reliability. IT is at the core of most businesses and by outsourcing, you have experts at your fingertips 24×7, for a fixed monthly rate.

IT solutions tailored to meet your requirements 

IT companies can create custom solutions that are tailored to your business and meet your individual business needs. If your needs and requirements change over time, a new strategy can be implemented quickly and efficiently.

Reduce downtime and focus on your business

Any IT problems can result in a lot of downtime, particularly if you don’t have an in-house expert to solve the issue for you. Relying on staff with little IT knowledge can end up making the problem even worse, resulting in even more downtime. By outsourcing, you have remote support available 24×7, and on the occasion where a problem can’t be solved remotely, an engineer can be sent to site quickly.

Keep up to date with the latest technology

In today’s society, technology is constantly changing and advancing making it challenging to keep up. In-house teams often require time to learn get up to date with the latest technology. And outsourced IT team always keep up to date with technology and qualifications, automatically keeping you up to date so you can keep a competitive advantage, as well as continue working as efficiently as possible.

Security and Compliance

Keeping your IT secure and being GDPR compliant is vital. Any data breaches or cyber attacks could damage your reputation, result in huge fines, and potentially even result in losing your business. By outsourcing, you have access to security experts who can ensure you have all the best security measures in place and are meeting all required regulations.


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