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Partnering with Xuper

From initially deciding if we’re a good match, to delivering projects together, we are ready to help you succeed.

From day one, we seek to establish why we should partner and if we do set down a plan for mutual success. At Xuper we take pride in forming and maintaining brilliant relationships with our partners. Partnership is a journey that starts with us discussing:

Why Partner With Xuper?


Our experienced specialists can provide your team with support delivering large international projects or can even conduct projects for your client independently. As we white label our offering, they will always be operating under your business name and branding.


Depending on your requirements, we can provide you with as much or as little sales support as you require. Whether you need a member of our sales teams to attend meetings with your prospects, or would simply like a call for assistance on positioning a proposal, it is completely up to you.


Our in-house marketing team are here to assist you and your own team with all your marketing needs. With a range of collateral including brochures, adverts, articles and videos, you’ll have everything you need, and can even co-brand the collateral. Think of something else you need? Just let us know and we’ll see what we can do!

Technical Support

We provide all of our partners with technical support where required. Whether that be in the form of training for your staff, both sales and technical, or directly to the end user. Our international team covers level 1, 2 and 3 engineers, with numerous field engineers also based around the world.

In a nutshell partnering with Xuper we provide you with as much marketing, pre-sales, delivery and support help as you need to ensure our partnership enables you to extend your business profitably, safely and simply.


Xuper’s managed IT support services keep your IT performing at its best. In the ever-changing world of IT, there are occasions when your systems go wrong or hardware malfunctions…

Our voice and room services are intended to offer your clients some great new capabilities, yet shield you from the complexities of deployment, support and maintenance.

If you deep dive each of Office 365’s solutions and the management facilities behind them you can see that most client’s use less than 20%, we can help…

Cost-efficient field-based services rely on a certain critical mass team size and geographic coverage to perform large and small-scale projects to; install, move, add, change and decommission hardware and software for partners across the UK and further afield…

Drawing on 38 years of experience, we start work straight away to start designing a solution to complete your project. We take responsibility, oversee and carry out your project…

Xuper will become your customers’ personal, outsourced IT support, providing them with onsite and offsite support (via email, phone and tickets)…

Are you interested in partnering with Xuper?

If you’d like more information or just a chat to find out more, fill in our form and a member of our team will be in touch as soon as possible.

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