Power Platform

A Partner For Microsofts New Power Platform

Modern businesses run on data. Users interact with data daily from entering their time for payroll, seeking guidance on existing processes, and analysing data to make decisions. In our technology-driven world, users can be empowered to gain insights from and interact with data all while automating mundane tasks. Microsoft’s Power Platform enables power users, IT business professions and citizen developers to rapidly craft solutions that run natively within the Microsoft tools your clients use every day.    

Most of your clients find it difficult to operationalise their data when it’s spread across numerous systems. We will work with you to help your clients to leverage Microsoft’s Power Platform to 

connect, unify, analyse, act and automate activities across their application estate, quickly, safely and cost-effectively all within the Office 365 APPs they are already used too. Our team is ready to deliver a range of services to do this including: 

  • Projects – Bring us your clients business problem and let us build their solution using the Microsoft Power Platform. If you want a structured project, we can work with you to define the project scope and timeline or we can use agile methods to simply extend your clients’ needs with a virtual team.   
  • Training – If your clients are looking to adopt and learn Power Apps or Power Automate, we can help them asses the best way forward. Our experienced team can assess their goals, skills and advise them on the right level of training and support to make the most use of the Power Platform.     
  • Adhoc Support – We can assist your clients that need immediate short-term support. It is most popular when they want quick guidance or have specific issues. Our consultants are available to screen-share and answer questions and provide solutions, this is often taken up after we have delivered a full solution and clients are becoming increasingly independent.    
  • Mentoring – Mentoring is for clients who are looking to add a resource to their team. We can assist them with support, mentoring, and consulting services for Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power BI etc. So, if they have an APP that they would like to build themselves, we can help them on their way.  

Power Apps

Power Apps provides a rapid low code development environment for building custom apps for business needs. It has services, connectors, and a scalable data service and app platform (Common Data Service) to allow simple integration and interaction with existing data. Power Apps enables both developers and business users to quickly create web and mobile applications that run on all devices – dramatically increasing speed to benefit.    

Power Automate 

Power Automate lets a range of users create automated workflows between applications and services. Its extensive range of connectors and easily implemented API’s helps automate repetitive business processes such as communication, data collections, and decision approvals regardless of where the data lies. It dramatically speeds up the development and deployment of enterprise-grade process automation. Power Automate’s simple interface allows every level of user to automate work tasks from beginners to seasoned developers – dramatically increasing business agility.    


Power BI (Business Intelligence) 

Power BI is a business analytics service that delivers information insights for analysing data and acting on data. It enables fast, informed decisions through data visualisations, reports and dashboards to transform your client business. Power BI scales across any organisation and has built-in governance and security allowing your clients to focus on using data more than managing it.   

Power Virtual Agents

Power Virtual Agents simplify the creation of powerful chatbots using a guided, no-code graphical interface, it minimises the effort required to deploy and maintain custom conversational solutions that can considerably lower the cost and complexity of deploying powerful use case solutions.   

Using the Power Platform we can rapidly use Office 365 to re-engineer, operationalise and transform their digital business vision. 

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