Project Management

Your virtual Project Management Office 

Most Microsoft partners don’t have the luxury of a proper Project Management Office function, it’s all a matter of scale to make it financially and operationally sustainable. Because of the scale of our ongoing field-based partner projects, we have that core team of project, technical, logistic and service desk staff ready to work with you. Every day we scope, plan and successfully deliver a wide range of different partner projects week in, week out so give us a try and supercharge your project capabilities to offer new services to improve your own operational costs.    

We primarily use PRINCE2 methodologies enabled via various service desk processes and logistics services to deliver projects that meet your expectations and requirements. Whether it’s a large complex project involving different technologies across multiple sites or smaller projects where you need an extra level of support and control, our team can ensure everything runs smoothly with minimal disruption to the day-to-day operation of your business. 

Primarily our PMO service focuses on IT deployment and Software Development project work. Specifically, we do this because it aligns tightly with our expertise, experience, tried and tested systems and means we are highly efficient which make us cost-effective as well as good at what we do. Without the proper planning, communication and coordination, projects can end up costing more, face more issues, and take longer to complete. Xuper’s experienced and qualified project managers will scope, plan, control, monitor and close the projects to budget and timescale.  

Benefits of Xuper’s Virtual PMO

  • Tailoring your project to achieve better time management and tighter budget control. 
  • You can focus on your business with the confidence your projects are being managed successfully. 
  • Our team keep everyone informed, satisfying the needs of the recognised stakeholders. 
  • Effective quality & risk management. 
  • Increased chances of success. We have the experience, tools & techniques and expert judgment available to know what works. 
  • Greater likelihood of achieving completion the project in the agreed timeframe. 

We’ll control and monitor your projects through each phase including defined change controls to deliver the project confidently within the scope and of course, budget.

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