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Microsoft Partner - what does it mean?

As a proud Microsoft partner, we provide extensive service capabilities for your Microsoft applications. Our 365 Partner Capabilities include: Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Office 365, Azure AD, Intune and Application Support.

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365 Partner Capabilities

Moving your content into Microsoft 365 is a key step to leveraging its power. Secure access to content, anywhere on any device is core to user productivity.

The complexity, effort and cost of migration projects are always underestimated. Our experienced expert team have run such projects for 20 years using the best tools to simplify, derisk and lock the cost down for you from the start. We have migrated almost everything possible over the years including: 

  • All types of email and all versions.
  • File shares, document management solutions, Lotus notes and more.

We provide a fully customisable, end-to-end content migration service which can be tailored to your exact specification. Our expertise in enterprise-grade content migration means that no matter the platform, complexity or scale of your organisation’s project, our team will help you achieve your goals. We can provide DIY planning assistance, tooling advice and remote support or provide a fully managed service including:

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