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At Xuper, we understand that in order to gain the full potential of technology, you must align it with innovation. IT and communications are ever-changing and advancing, so in order to remain competitive, you need solutions in place that enhance how you do business. 

We never advise you to spend huge amounts on technology if we are not convinced that you will benefit from doing so. We always work with you to identify where and what you need and what return on investment (ROI) you can expect.

Over the last 35+ years we’ve developed a wide variety of systems and solutions, covering everything from an internal ticketing system, to our unified communication and collaboration platform, Visconn.

We have our own development team constantly working to build new systems and software to either assist our staff in supporting our customers, or for our customers to use themselves.

We know technology is vital in leading your company to success. Our development team create new technology that helps your business to work as competitively and efficiently as possible. We always take the time to understand your specific requirements, your target audience, how you operate and the latest industry trends to ensure we develop and build the perfect solution for your organisation.

“We pride ourselves on being at the cutting edge of IT, with our own development team constantly working on new innovative solutions.”
Peter Grogan, Managing Director
“We all think very differently, but are joined by focusing towards the same ROI driven goal.”
Kelly Brun, Head of Global Operations 

How We Work

ROI Driven

Return on investment (ROI) is always a priority for any business, which is why we always work with it in mind, whether we’re developing your support package or advising you on a purchase.

We always try to say yes

We always want to help our customers, even in areas that may not be included in our original agreement. If we can’t help ourselves, we will know someone who can.

Dedicated Account Manager

All of our customers are supplied with their own Account Manager to support all of their offices. They will become a member of your team, always working with your targets in mind.

Tailored to you

We don’t believe in packages, as every organisation has different requirements. Instead we develop a tailored solution to suit each of our customers’ needs.

We aren't 9-5

Our staff are dedicated to all of our customers, never leaving a job until it is complete and making themselves available 24/7.

Experienced team

Having worked around the world, with companies of differing sizes, in a variety of markets, it is rare we encounter a task we’ve not resolved before.