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Skype for Business

Skype for Business is a communications solution that allows the users in your business to communicate with colleagues and customers in various ways. Real time availability in the form of presence information, collaboration in the form of video and voice conference, with the ability to perform this from any location in or out of the office.

Skype for Business can be used as your enterprise voice solution, with the ability to integrate all of your contacts across all of your devices and always be available, wherever they are.


Instant Messaging, Enterprise Voice Functionality, Video Conferencing, Collaboration, Mobile Integration, CRM Integration

Getting your team together is as simple as sharing a link!

Choose to meet instantly, or schedule your call for later. Anyone can easily join your meeting, over any device.

You can also record your meetings, share your screen, share and edit documents, collaborate with up to 250 people, use a whiteboard, polls, utilise the built in Instant Messaging and more!

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