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Visconn – transforming healthcare through unified communications 

Visconn is our simple to use, secure video conferencing platform designed to suit everyone whether it’s to connect clinicians with colleagues, host large Multi-Disciplinary Team Meetings (MDT’s), cross-site Trust meetings, Morbidity and Mortality (M&M) conferences, or connecting clinicians with patients. 

Clinicians are greeted with an easy to use interface where they can instantly see their calendar with upcoming appointments, and schedule or attend teleconsultations quickly and easily.  

For patients, all they have to do is click on a personal ID link sent to them via email and they will be taken directly to the virtual consultation room, no sign up required, keeping the whole process as simple and seamless as possible.

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Reduce waiting times

See more patients and cut down on waiting times.                                                                                     

Cut costs

Cut down on costs incurred when patients don’t turn up to appointments.                                 

Improve access

Give people who live in remote areas, are travelling, feel too ill, or are struggling to get time off work easier access to a physician.

Reduce spread of infections

Reduce the spread of infections by allowing patients to attend a consultation from their home. 

Outpatient care

Provide outpatient care and physiotherapy over video, reducing the number of hospital/GP visits for patients. 

Connect with specialists

Connect with specialists anywhere in the world, quickly and easily, over any device. 

Share documents

Share your screen, documents and treatment plans easily. 

Medical training

Provide or attend medical training anywhere without having to travel, or view surgeries live anywhere in the world. 


Conduct calls with any number of people

Conduct video calls with as many patients and clinicians as you need. 

Platform compatibility

Compatible with all major platforms, including Skype for Business, Google Hangouts and more.

Customised to suit you

Completely customisable to fit the design and brand you want.

Integrates with your technology

Compatible with your current technology such as heart rate monitors. 

Endpoint compatibility

Compatible with all major endpoints, including CISCO, Sony, Polycom, Yealink and more. 

Share documents

Present your screen, share documents, treatments plans etc. to all of the conference participants quickly and easily.

Managed Service

We ensure ease of use and adoption of technology via our premium managed service.

Meet & Greet Service

Our team can be on hand at the beginning of your call to support you whilst you are connecting with your patient.

Customisation Service

 A system that adapts to suit you, not the other way around. Work with us to design the best interface for you and your patient groups.

Concierge service

Utilising our dedicated service desk, our team will create all of your appointments and meeting calls for you.

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“The success of the service has proved that video conferencing can provide major assistance in the post operative care and monitoring of babies and small children with major congenital heart conditions.”                                                                                                                                                                                
Dr Brian McCrossan, Clinical Research Fellow in Paediatric Cardiology
“The WHSCT has been using Xuper for video conferencing services for many years. This new platform is another major step in how we conduct business. We are already realising significant benefits internally and communicating with our patients/clients.”
Fergal Durey, Assistant Director of ICT and Telecommunications at the WHSCT 


Not only does Visconn integrate with all major video conferencing platforms and systems, but has been developed to be able to integrate with medical devices (such as heart rate monitors) and various other devices such as a fitbit. 

By integrating with a fitbit, a clinician could monitor a patients heart rate, activity levels and send notifications, assisting with outpatient care, physiotherapy, treatment plans etc. 

Our development team always expanding our integrations, so if there’s a device or software you’d like to enquire about, just let us know!

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