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What is Patch Management & why do you need it?

Patch management is a strategy for managing patches and keeping computer software and network devices up to date, fixing security vulnerabilities and improving usability or performance. Software patches are necessary in order to fix problems and vulnerabilities with software that are noticed after the initial release. Many of these have to do with security or functionality for programs. Any software is prone to technical vulnerabilities, and once these are discovered and shared publicly, devices that have not been patched and updated can quickly be exploited by cyber criminals. 

Why do you need good patch management?

  • Patch management helps protect business systems and networks from ever-present  cyber threats.
  • It will help towards protecting your data and avoiding breaches that can potentially be very costly for any business.
  • As soon as an operating system or software gets released, hackers are looking for vulnerabilities that will let them in.
  • Cyber security threats increase and become more sophisticated all the time.
  • Good patch management applications can scan for and report any vulnerabilities,  you can then test these patches and push the updates quickly.
  • Many attacks rely on the victims to have un-patched systems running on their network. The easiest and most effective way to defend against these threats is patch management.
  • Patch management gives you the control you need to ensure that your systems are kept secure.
  • It enables you or admins to maintain complete control over your systems patching activities and test them before wide scale deployment.
  • You can quickly and easily push emergency patches out to all your systems if needed.
  • Many businesses find if they fall too far behind on patching, their networks are no longer in a supportable state. A patch management solution will help ensure this doesn’t happen.
  • They provide reporting so you can always know the state of any system and how your security posture is.


It is important for every business to understand what patch management is and take the necessary steps to implement it and never ignore patches so vital data is kept protected. 

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