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The end is near…… for Windows 7 support at least

Microsoft have announced they will be officially ending support for Windows 7. Whilst the official deadline is the 14 January 2020, there are concerns that Microsoft are desperate to bring forward that date.

What does this mean for you?

In early June, Microsoft announced they would no longer be answering technical problems in the Windows 7 community forums. This will leave many people with technical issues stuck trying to solve the problem themselves, potentially resulting in hours of downtime. However, this isn’t the biggest concern. In March, a security issues was found in an Intel chip, when running Windows 7. For 3 months Microsoft claimed it was working on a resolution and would release an update. However, in actual fact Microsoft have now given up trying to fix this issues and instead want users to run Windows 7 on a virtual desktop, or buy a new Windows 10 device.

This has created concerns that similar to Windows XP, users will continue running Windows 7 despite not receiving regular vital security updates and bug fixes, leaving organisations vulnerable to cyber attacks and viruses.

You may recall in May 2017 the ransomware attack ‘WannaCry’ where over 20,000 people in 150 countries were infected. It was revealed that networks had been left vulnerable to the attack due to using outdated Windows XP software. There are concerns that if businesses continue using Windows 7, cyber criminals will find vulnerabilities and similar attacks could happen. With GDPR now in force, any data breaches or cyber attacks could have a devastating impact on any organisation.


Due to all of this, we’re now offering a hardware refresh audit, where we will look at your current hardware and advise you on wether it’s necessary for it to be running Windows 7, if any data is at risk and much more.

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