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Windows 7 – OS Upgrade

Ready to upgrade to Windows 10?

Microsoft will be officially ending support for Windows 7 on January 14th 2020.

There are concerns that similar to Windows XP, businesses will choose to continue running Windows 7 despite not receiving regular vital security updates, patches and bug fixes, leaving organisations very vulnerable to cyber attacks and viruses.

 The first thing to consider is upgrading to a newer operating system. While there are numerous choices when it comes to changing OS, for Windows 7 users, the simplest option is to upgrade to Windows 10. 

Why not Windows 8? Although Windows 8 extended support will continue until 2023, it has already reached its end of sales and mainstream support ended in 2018 so it’s simply not worth upgrading to Windows 8. (You can find Microsoft’s Windows life cycle face sheet here).

Upgrading to Windows 10 is the easiest option for Windows 7 users. Both operating systems are made by Microsoft, making the upgrade process simpler, resulting in less disruption to your business, and the interfaces are very similar so users shouldn’t find it difficult to adjust. 

Xuper can assist with your migration from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and ensure no disruption to your business. Whether it’s one site or multiple sites, we can manage your upgrade and if required, ongoing support. 

Xuper can assist across one site or multiple sites and we always ensure minimal disruption or downtime for your organisation.

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